Group Spanish Lessons

Discounted Rates for Small Groups

If you would prefer to learn Spanish in a group instead of on a one-to-one basis, we can offer small group Spanish lessons in Dublin. We recommend small groups of up to a maximum of five students per class. In-person and online classes available. Click here to View Pricing.

COVID-19 update: currently we cannot teach Spanish Lessons in your homes, as is normally the case. However we can still offer live online lessons via Skype or Zoom.

Book Spanish Lessons with Marta

Gather up to four of your friends or family to join you for adult Spanish group lessons. Or organise small group lessons for you kids and their friends or relations.

Read about our Spanish Teachers – click here.

Learning Spanish in small groups can be beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish in different ways, such as in conversational Spanish exercises, and games devised by your teacher to assist with vocabulary and grammar.

However, because your group remains small, your teacher can still dedicate more time to each individual than in larger classes.