Cost of Spanish Lessons

Prices for One-to-One and Group Lessons

We specialise in Spanish Lessons in Dublin on a one-to-one basis or for small groups of five or less. We offer discounted rates for groups, depending on how many people there are. Five is the maximum group-size we cater for. Please note, if you would like group lessons, you will need to form your own group, e.g. yourself and four friends or family members.

COVID-19 update: currently we cannot teach Spanish Lessons in your homes, as is normally the case. However we can still offer live online lessons via Skype or Zoom.

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Booking Spanish Lessons

Lessons are 1 hour and 30 minutes long
— Classes can be booked in blocks of 10 lessons
— Registration Fee + 1st Lesson Fee to be paid at first lesson
— Then simply pay for each lesson on each day from then on
— A small additional fee may also be required at each lesson to cover the teacher’s travel expenses, depending on your location
— Please book all future blocks of lessons via admin, not directly with your teacher

Prices for the First 10 Lessons

Size of ClassRegistration Fee*Per LessonTotal Cost
1 – to – 1 €22.50  €22.50  €247.50
Group of 2 €22.50  €40.00  €422.50
Group of 3 €22.50  €55.00  €572.50
Group of 4 €22.50  €67.50  €697.50
Group of 5 €22.50  €75.00  €772.50

*Note: Registration Fee is only due prior to the first 10 lessons

Book Spanish Lessons with Marta

Prices for Future Blocks of 10 Lessons

Size of ClassPer LessonTotal Cost
1 – to – 1 €    22.50  €   225.00
Group of 2 €    40.00  €   400.00
Group of 3 €    55.00  €   550.00
Group of 4 €    67.50  €   675.00
Group of 5 €    75.00  €   750.00
Book Spanish Lessons with Marta

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