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1-to-1 Beginners Spanish Lessons in Dublin

If you want to learn some Spanish but you have no idea, don’t worry! Spanish is relatively easy (compared to other languages), if you have a good attitude and enough motivation. We specialise in one-to-one beginners Spanish Lessons in Dublin, including online lessons via Skype or Zoom, catering towards adults and children. We also offer small group lessons. Click here to View Pricing.

COVID-19 update: currently we cannot teach Spanish Lessons in your homes, as is normally the case. However we can still offer live online lessons via Skype or Zoom.

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Starting to Learn Spanish for the First Time

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a novice with some basic knowledge, we can help you start your journey through learning Spanish and we can take you all the way to advanced level and fluency, if you wish. Our teachers are experts in teaching Spanish at all levels.

Our Team for Spanish Lessons in Dublin

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Our beginners Spanish lessons aim to be fun and dynamic: the progress depends of your interest and dedication but at that level, if you practice Spanish between half an hour and one hour every day in your own time, in additional to your Spanish lessons, you will begin to see results after a few months.

The lessons will start in English with some Spanish expressions and questions, and gradually move more and more towards conversing in Spanish.

The scarier part of learning Spanish is the grammar, for that reason we assimilate it always in context, which the intention to learn it in a natural way.

In this class, we’ll use a well-recognised book and personalised materials that are adapted to your needs and interest.

These classes will be at a basic level where you learn:

– Introduce yourself
– Say hello and bye
– Make personal questions
– Basic vocabulary about different topics like: holidays, family, jobs, food and cooking, shopping, costumer, advices, etc.
– Alphabet and basic reading
– Pronunciation and orthography
– Present and past simple
– Predictions

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