Advanced Spanish Lessons

1-to-1 Advanced Spanish Lessons in Dublin

This course is perfect is you already have a good level of Spanish, but you want to feel more confident in your ability to have in-depth conversations in Spanish, or you want to work in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country or for a Spanish company in which you’ll be working through Spanish. Book one-to-one or small group advanced Spanish Lessons. We offer in-person and online lessons. Click here to View Pricing.

COVID-19 update: currently we cannot teach Spanish Lessons in your homes, as is normally the case. However we can still offer live online lessons via Skype or Zoom.

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Master your Spanish Skills at an Advanced Level

We focus on one-to-one advanced Spanish Lessons in Dublin, catering towards adults and children, but we also offer small group lessons. We can also help teenagers with grinds to improve their Spanish language skills for upcoming exams. We’ll cover all aspects of the Spanish curriculum, including grammar, aural, oral and written Spanish.

Our Team for Spanish Lessons in Dublin
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The lessons will be in Spanish all the time and with the intention that you can communicate with Spanish speakers in different contexts.

This lesson are thinking to be fun and dynamic, the progress depends of your interest and dedication but in that level, if you introduce yourself in a Spanish environment the most part of the time, you’ll can the result in a few months.

In this class, we’ll have the class speaking the most of the time and also we’ll use a well-recognised book and personalised material that are adapt to your needs and interest.

These classes are conducted at an advance level where you learn:

– Different cultures in Spanish speaker countries
– Speaking, listening, writing and reading about different topics: talk about yourself, the future, food and health, media, leisure, travel, politics, weather, art and literature, or working through Spanish
– Reading in different context
– Different vocabulary
– Writing: pronunciation and orthography
– Present, past and future: irregular verbs and different tenses

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